Milantre Grupp – Supplier of VerderAir Diaphragm Pumps

Milantre Grupp works directly with VerderAir. The Verderair diaphragm pumps are the best solution for transfer applications that require more than just fluid to be handled. The range is excellent for viscous or sticky media, slurry and solids.

Applications are found in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, solar power industry, waste water treatment, ceramic slurry, and many more. Please send us your request! We will contact you shortly.

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Diaphragm pumps
Advantages Verderair diaphragm pumps
  • The Verderair diaphragm pumps are the best solution for applications that require more than fluid transfer.

  • Extensive choice in materials, the Verderair diaphragm pump series offer a wide range of wetted materials, varying from metallic to non-metallic

  • Verderair® double diaphragm pumps are used in many industries including: water and wastewater, mining, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and the oil and gas industry.

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